Frequently Asked Questions

What is Play Squad?

Play Squad is a non-official real-time server tracker for the acclaimed game Squad.

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We are a service that displays online Squad servers in real-time, allowing players to search and join for their favorite servers with ease. But we are not limited to that! Our service also allows server administrators to keep track of their servers, and lends them some useful features like server banners and statistics.

How do we handle authentication through Steam?

You are redirected to a secure Steam login page. Once authenticated we'll retrieve information about your player profile such as Steam Community ID, avatar, profile name and profile URL, and in case your Steam profile is public, we'll also retrieve your real name and location.

Play Squad will never publicly show this information or give it to third parties unless it is explicitly requested by you.

This sensitive information is stored under the United States of America jurisdiction.

Lastly, Play Squad is in no way affiliated, sponsored or endorsed with Valve or Steam.

How can I opt-out my server?

We are sorry to hear that you don't want to participate in our project, but we are sure you must have your reasons so no hard feelings.

To opt-out of Play Squad simply block our server querier addresses using your favorite firewall.

After doing so your server will no longer appear in our server list.

Thanks to

  • Fokkehassel for letting us use his game screenshots in the servers banner background.
  • jkcgs ( for JavaScript corrections.
  • This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from